Dermatologic Alternatives to the Razor

Photo courtesy of: ABC News

The most common method for removal of excess hair, hypertrichosis, is by far, shaving. This method is inexpensive and, contrary to popular belief, does not affect the diameter or rate of growth of hair. But shaving daily can be cumbersome and is typically not acceptable to most women except for the underarms and legs.

Waxing or threading the area of unwanted hair tends to be much more preferred by my patients with hypertrichosis and no identifiable cause but heredity. But, these methods still must be repeated regularly and becomes quite the investment in the long run.

The following discusses some alternatives for hair removal that go beyond over-the-counter products and salon treatments.

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  • An oldie but goodie for permanent hair removal

  • Works by using a fine needle probe that delivers electric current into the hair follicle opening, thereby destroying the hair

  • Not as comfortable as methods mentioned below