4 Tips on Treating Excessive Sweat

Last week's #DermTipTuesday discussed one key part of maintaining underarm hygiene, controlling the odor. Well, what about controlling the sweat? It's a fine balance between necessity versus burden. Without sweat, our bodies lack the ability to regulate temperature, especially in hot climates or during exercise. Yet, too much sweating can cause odors (bromhidrosis) and make anyone self conscious due to the appearance alone. When a doctor has done a complete work-up to ensure that the cause for excessive sweating is not due to any internal abnormalities, we term the condition idiopathic hyperhidrosis.

Here are a few therapies that a dermatologist may suggest for those battling idiopathic hyperhidrosis.


Beyond Roll On Antiperspirants

1. Prescription Strength Antiperspirants

This option is by far the most common choice my patients elect for. Drysol® is one example of a higher concentration of aluminum chloride (the active ingredient in most over-the-counter antiperspirants). It is applied at night with the goal for sweat control the following day.

Can Drysol® be applied to areas other than the underarms? The answer is yes. Palm, sole, and scalp hyerhidrosis can all be treated with this topical method. It is not to, however, be applied to irritated skin or damp skin.