Choosing the Right Moisturizer for You

I like to stress to my patients that the best moisturizer is the one you actually like and thus, actually apply. It's all about what works best for you and your skin type. What is aesthetically pleasing and effective to one person may not be for the other. Luckily there is a vast variety of moisturizers on the market to choose from. The downside is that it can be overwhelming to know exactly which to buy. Knowing a few helpful tips can help guide you in the right direction and reduce the burden of excessive trial and error.


Moisturizers fall into 3 basic categories: ointments, creams, and lotions.

The product will often have this distinction clearly labeled on the front.


Example: Vaseline® Original Petroleum Jelly, CeraVe® Healing Ointment


The best type of moisturizer for dry skin

Especially great for those with eczema

Ladies, you may love that it leaves the skin with a nice shine and can be the perfect accessory for bare legs


Since it's oil-based, it's greasy, and can leave the skin feeling sticky

Gentlemen, you may dislike that it tends to mat down body hair

It is especially not appropriate to use on areas prone to acne